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Re: gaps in stepped footing

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Your question is not clear.  Here's my reason for saying that:

The phrase, "a 30" horizontal gap" seems to mean that there is no material
for a horizontal distance of 30".  That does not seem to be the way
residential foundations would commonly be built.

Do you mean that the foundations are built of concrete with 12" steps at 30"
spacing?  If so It seems that you are saying that there is no continuous
longitudinal reinforcing in the footing, but that there are one or two
vertical bars at each step.  Is there no horizontal reinforcing in the
horizontal portions of the foundation?

I think it is possible to detail bent horizontal and vertical bars in a
stepped footing to attain a reasonable equivalent to continuous longitudinal
reinforcing; the locations of the steps in the top of the foundation in
relation to the locations of the steps in the bottom of the footing needs to
be included in the detail.

Would you care to restate your question?

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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