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Steel Beam Rotation

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I have a situation in which a straight, steel wide flange beam is supporting a curved piece of precast. At mid span of the beam, e = 8" and e = 0" at the ends. Stiffeners of varying depths are placed at 2'-0" O.C. which support a continuous rolled angle to accommodate the radius. The beam is also braced with angle frames at 2'-0" O.C. back to the next wide flange beam 5'-0" away. The precast is supported at the top of the beam and the bottom of the angle frames resist rotation.

The contractor didn't like my detail although he erected it. Before placing the precast stones, he used a laser to mark the steel in various locations. After the precast was installed he checked the marks again to discover the system had rotated 5/8" at the worst condition. Of course running to the owner and causing a big stink. The G.C. is many months behind schedule and has grossly exceeded the budget.

I am not concerned about strength of the connections, beam or braces. They have been checked and rechecked by several engineers. I need to compose a letter to the owner.

My question. What is the allowable rotation of a steel beam or system? I'm looking for a degree of rotation, the flange stresses have been checked. Is there a limit of rotation for backup to precast?

Thank You.

Randal S. Diviney P.E.
Structural Engineer
Hayes Large Architects

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