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RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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Neil Moore,

I appreciate your response on the subject. Masroor probably made a mistake by posting a politically sounded clip on this purely technical forum. I can't imagine what was his actual motive. At first instance it sounds he vented his feelings against bombing of innocent civilians but on the other thought, as I gathered, he was in all sincerity trying to make a point that bombing innocent civilian is not justified, in the same manner as there can't be any justification for terror attacks on WTC & Washington.

But iam equally disgusted to read responses of our learned structural engineers, to name a few, Stan & Matthew etc.

Their approach is macho & movie like. Such style simply exposes them & brings out their true feelings. They may have justification for this linear thinking of theirs but it is against all civilized norms.

Please donot construe I favor what Bin Laden & his Associates (although there yet to be a credible evidence in favor) did on the 11th. of September. I abhore all these like most Muslims the world over do. But I'll also not condone the language, tone & tenor of our friends like Stan & Matthew etc. This simply transmits (to whoever concerned) the deep down hatred that some people in the west unnecessarily have against Islam & the Muslims at large. In simple words, I would call these comments (by the afore mentioned gentlemen) as hate remarks, racist & bullying/macho like, especially when Stan is threatening to bomb the house of our friend Masroor.

With this I would end, but before that would take this opportunity to caution (without mincing words) Stan, Matthew & others alike to refrain from such style of expression. Best regards to all.


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Subject: RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:16:47 -0700

No, No, No, - Stan!!!!!!!

Pakistan is actually our friend and they have been for a long time. Don't get carried away by someone who is goading us on purpose. I think that we are all
above this.  People of all faith have to come together to rid the world of
these canker sores.  This list should probably refrain from getting into a
pissing match over religion and politics no matter how high our emotions
are at
this time.

On the other hand, sometime the governments of the world will have to address
the terrible poverty and living conditions in all of the subcontinent

Neil Moore, S.E.
neil moore and associates

who used to live and work in Pakistan.

At 12:31 PM 10/22/2001 -0500, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

> To Syed Abulkhair Masroor in Karachi, Pakistan:
> Please send us your address.  Not your street and tent number, but your
> latitude and longitude, accurate to several significant digits.
> We would like to send you a 5000# present, by airmail!
> No regards whatsoever,
> Stan Caldwell in Dallas, Texas, USA

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