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RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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Title: RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan


Please note that -

1]  I do NOT hate Muslims, nor Jews, nor Christians.  I really don't!  However, I do hate the fact that mankind has wasted so much effort over the past millennia trying to pit one religion against another, when in fact, they all worship the same God!

2]  I DO hate all terrorists, and those who harbor them, and those who write on their behalf.  Don't expect any apology for what I wrote earlier today.

3]  Credible evidence?  How much credible evidence did the Allies have that Hitler was exterminating the Jews, prior to launching their invasion of Normandy?  How much credible evidence is there that Kurram Village ever existed, or that it was destroyed by American bombs?

4]  Now that you have cautioned me, I am absolutely trembling.  What's next, a threat?

I plan no further posts on this subject, unless, of course, I absolutely can't help it.


Peaceful Stan in Dallas

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Subject: RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

Please donot construe I favor what Bin Laden & his Associates (although
there yet to be a credible evidence in favor) did on the 11th. of September.
I abhore all these like most Muslims the world over do. But I'll also not
condone the language, tone & tenor of our friends like Stan & Matthew etc.
This simply transmits (to whoever concerned) the deep down hatred that some
people in the west unnecessarily have against Islam & the Muslims at large.
In simple words, I would call these comments (by the afore mentioned
gentlemen) as hate remarks, racist & bullying/macho like, especially when
Stan is threatening to bomb the house of our friend Masroor.

With this I would end, but before that would take this opportunity to
caution (without mincing words) Stan, Matthew & others alike to refrain from
such style of _expression_. Best regards to all.