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RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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One big difference, Syez:

The folks in Afghanistan had many weeks to prepare for the onslaught. Many
of them chose to leave the area. And any civilian casualties have been
"collateral damage," not specifically targeted. We regret their loss; each
life is precious to God, as I'm sure we can both agree.

But I'm sure the victims of 9/11 would have given much to have had even one
hour to prepare for what happened. And they were SPECIFICALLY targeted. As
Mr. bin Laden has said, he considers military and non-military targets all
the same.

Think about that difference for a moment, as you try to make comparisons.

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...he was in all sincerity trying to make a point that
bombing innocent civilian is not justified, in the same manner as there
can't be any justification for terror attacks on WTC & Washington.

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