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First of all, let me begin by appologising to all those who want to see
only technical topics on the list and I apologise again to take a little
more of your time.  Next I would like to thank all who wrote on the list
to share their feelings and those who wrote off line to show their

You will be surprised to know, that I am very fond of your country and
its people.  I have close relatives living in America and I was as
worried as any of you on September 11. More than 50 of our countrymen
died on that fateful day. I do not support Mr. Laden or ANY secret
organization. I am a religious Muslim and as such, suicide is against my
religion. I grieved on September 11 for all the people who died there.

But you must understand that every casualty in my neighborhood is going
to have the same effect on me as September 11 had on you.  Our countries
are allies in this war against terrorism, but if civilian deaths mount,
it will be impossible to continue the alliance indefinitely.  A great
power has many ways of waging a war.  Just because you have a
sledgehammer doesn't mean you should use it to kill a fly.

Let us not use Ben Laden's reasoning, as some have done, to justify
killing innocent people. Our war is against the mindset, that because a
certain countries' policy is wrong, it gives us a license to kill
everybody in that country.  I do not oppose war per se.  What Mr.
Mandela did for his country is indeed most admirable. If my country ever
declared war, I will be most willing to fight it. However, there are
some rules of war. And those who do not go by these rules are all our

Syed A Masroor
Consulting Structural Engineer
Karachi, Pakistan.

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