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RE: Steel angle with pointed load

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Also, there is a lot of discussion on this topic in the archives.
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Subject: Re: Steel angle with pointed load

Are you bending about a major axis?  The ASD section you refer to has two distinct sets of provisions.  For major axis bending the calculations are pretty simple with allowable stress based on b/t ratios.  Otherwise, tough it out and do it right ;-)
Paul Feather
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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 4:55 PM
Subject: Steel angle with pointed load

 I tried to use Enecal, to selected steel angle under pointed load - but no luck.  I checked the ASD page 5-300 and up and It's so confused with tons of variables. Is there a simple formular some where that I can use to calculate the load capcity of steel angle under concentrated load.  I try to find the bending stress and other results.

Thanks in advance.

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