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Re: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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Where do you come up with this condescending drivel?

Only an "asshole" would think that this country is
wrong in defending it's self.  These people should not
accept the bombing, they should blame the responsible
party, bin Laden, not the USA.

News flash, this is war, and in war innocent people
are killed.  This country tries it's best to avoid the
deaths of civilians, when the terrorist target them.

No matter how justified the cause, bringing about the death of innocent people is never something to be proud of. That's why so many wartime presidents throughout history have described their position as a burden rather than a joy. Over the years, I have met many soldiers who were proud to have fought, but I have yet to meet one who was proud of killing any specific individual, even those who deserved it. Personally, I feel sad watching the news and seeing a father confront his son's death no matter what nationality he is, or who I think deserves the blame for it. I doubt such a father will have sufficient perspective at that point in time to know who to blame beside the country that sent the bomb. More than likley, for the rest of his life his family will remember us as the country that killed his boy. I'm not saying he's right, but can you blame him? No matter how justified the effort overall, bringing about the death of innocent people is never something to be proud of. There's nothing wrong or unpatriotic about pointing that out. Smuggness at such a time is very inappropriate. I, for one, hope that whatever needs to happen can be over as quickly as possible and hurt as few people as possible, though I don't know what that means. Perhaps that is just more drivel.


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