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Re: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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Let?s face it, for thousands of years our attitude toward ?evil? - fighting back - has remained the same.

In my opinion historically, the way we (human in a collective sense) have handled the ?evil? (Terrorism) problem, is similar to the same way an irresponsible father handles his child. He watches TV or remains pleasure-centered and when the child does something wrong (evil) he goes and punishes him and the cycle continues.

To ?prevent? is always more logical than to ?fight.?

Rather than complaining, why don?t we spend some of our time/energy ? scientifically - to see how the roots of these problems are created?
We can solve it!

I believe with the increase of human population on earth the problems have become more complex. The new strategies must be used in order to fight this new complexity.
Of course the simplest quick fixes, sometimes remains the use of ?force?.
When dealing with one mosquito, instant blow is the best solution. Dealing with a gigantic mosquito requires time and innovation.

We get rid of Ben Laden today?but the causes are still there. If the ?evil? becomes very strong (as we?ve seen in history) Exercising military power - one day ? may not help us.

Let?s require our politicians to spend time on this subject on an international level, the same way that father has to sit down and take care of his child?s needs.

In Middle Eastern countries, the only impressions masses have of Americans are the ones are given to them by Hollywood!! Violence, sex offenders and so on? are what they see. They think this is what every single American is!

Some years ago, due to my father?s medical condition, I immigrated to US. As an educated upper class engineer, US was a place full of guns and violence for me. I was afraid to bring my family. But the reality was different. Americans are nice, they are honest. Great majority of them are family oriented. I may have been very fortunate but the reality is Americans are nice people, they are not arrogant! This has been my first hand experience. We need to share these with people on the other side of world! We need to exchange honest individuals to bridge between our nations. Remember to destroy is not an art, to build is.

My opinion on Palestine? Jerusalem belongs to Jews.
Why? If for example Buddhists, some hundreds years ago had occupied Mecca (the most sacred place on earth for Muslims) didn?t we Muslims want it back? It has belonged to Jews since more than two four thousands years ago! Having said this, I believe that Palestine problem needs attention and its crisis has to be resolved with highest priority. Palestinians should be settled with honor.

Now lets talk about steel and A992 ASTM Grade 50?

Best wishes
Mohammed Mola, P.E.

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