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Rem:Re[2]: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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Mr. Randy:

I enjoy reading everybody's opinion about this subject, but I hate
writing about
it. This will be my first and last time I will write about it.
It seems that you have never been out of Minnesota and as Mr. Hemstad
said you
look like "the stereotypical American asshole"

    Look the world around, travel a little bit, not to Europe, but to
America, Africa, Asia.

    Go ahead bomb those guys in Afghanistan, but if you have guts, do
not leave
anyone alive. Don't do what you     did in Iraq. Go ahead and do it.
Will it be

    I am standing with Mr. Hemstad opinion. I have lived in Venezuela
for 20
years and I call tell you that you a big    problem fermenting right in
backyard. Search the Internet for a guy called Hugo Chavez (sort of    
"President"). See what you get. Search especially in the Miami Herald.
    What are you going to do next? Bomb everything south of the Rio

    I hope Bush has better people helping him.

    Regards from a guy with the same italian blood as Rudy.


    Saludos / Regards:
    Vincenzo Valerio
    Civil Engineering Dept.
    Foster Wheeler Iberia
Tel: 34-91-336-2560

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Asunto: Re: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan
Autor:  "Randy Vogelgesang" <SMTP:tahoeengineering(--nospam--at)>
Fecha:      23/10/01 16:53

What a load of crap!
--- Michael Hemstad <mlhemstad(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Guys, guys, (and girls)-
> Calm down.

Who wasn't calm.  The responses were totally
appropriate given the first email.

> A terrible thing happened to us.  We're taking
> actions
> to try stop it from happening again.  But we all
> better realize a few things:
> 1)  It almost certainly will happen again, no matter
> how much we bomb Afghanistan.  The people who will
> do
> it to us aren't in Afghanistan.  They're here.
> 2)  The people of Afghanistan didn't hurt us, and
> probably wouldn't if given the chance.  A man with a
> beard and a lot of bad friends, who currently lives
> in
> Afghanistan with the blessing of its "government",
> did.

Where do you come up with this condescending drivel?
The taliban is hiding these terrorist, the bombing is
a necessary part of a military operation to end their

> Unfortunately, in the process of going after
> these groups, innocent people get hurt.  They get
> hurt
> at our hands.  Don't tell them they had the
> opportunity to move; where would they move to?
> Afghanistan is a big place, and not easy to move
> across, and most of them are too poor to move
> anyway.
> Don't try to defend our actions to them, because
> most
> of them didn't do anything wrong and now they're
> homeless or hurt or dead.  And don't try to defend
> it
> to their friends, as Mr. Masroor apparently is.  I'm
> proud to be an American, too, but if you think you
> can
> tell someone whose friends were just bombed into
> oblivion that he should just accept it, you're an
> idiot.  The kind of idiot the rest of the world
> thinks
> of as the stereotypical American asshole.

Only an "asshole" would think that this country is
wrong in defending it's self.  These people should not
accept the bombing, they should blame the responsible
party, bin Laden, not the USA.

News flash, this is war, and in war innocent people
are killed.  This country tries it's best to avoid the
deaths of civilians, when the terrorist target them.

> Where was I?  Oh, yeah.
> 3)  Terrorism isn't there for no reason.  People
> smart
> enough to fly big airplanes don't just kill
> themselves
> because some guy with a beard thought it was a good
> idea.  The Germans didn't take to exterminating
> millions of their countrymen just because some guy
> with a mustache thought it was a good idea.  They
> buy
> into this extremism because things are so bad, so
> without hope, that reason and decency and common
> sense
> don't work.  They buy into it because they are so
> angry that they they'll listen to anyone who says
> "the
> Americans caused this" or "the Jews caused this."
> If
> you really want to solve this problem, yes, you do
> try
> to catch the guy with the beard.  But then, you'd
> better ask yourself why it was so easy for him to
> get
> everyone so angry.  That's where the real solution
> lies.
> With apologies to everyone for eating up so much
> bandwidth, I'll conclude:  I don't defend for a
> minute
> what the terrorists did to us.  We should absolutely
> try to catch the ringleaders, and put them in prison
> to rot.  Not to throw icewater on your testosterone,
> but terrorism is only the symptom of the problem
> that
> we really need to solve.

There is so much wrong with the above that I don't
know where to start.  First most of the terrorist were
rich spoiled Saudi kids, not the destitute poor. They
got on those planes because they wanted to kill
Americans.  Our very way of life does not fit in with
their distorted world view.  Testosterone has nothing
to do with this problem.

> Solving it may even mean
> looking at ourselves, because over the years, let's
> face it, America has pulled some pretty crappy
> stunts.

This is the most offensive part of your email.  Go
tell the relatives of the survivors that this country,
in part, caused the attack.  Rudy returned $10 million
from a Saudi sheik for saying the same thing.

>  And until we figure these things out, all the bombs
> in the world aren't going to solve the problem.

Yea, a group hug will solve everything.

> Mike Hemstad
> St. Paul, Minnesota

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