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Re: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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>For years liberals have
>pooh poohed the idea that there were evil doers who would pursue weapons
>of mass destruction, etc. and pooh poohed the need for defense.
Speaking for the list's left wing, this is baloney. Like saying all 
conservatives believe in bombing everyone we can't get along with back to 
the stone age.

>Regarding the middle east, only Turkey of the moslem countries has
>handled the problem of extremist religious zealots correctly-they put
>them out of business in the 1920s. Turkey also is the only democratic
>country of the region.
This is baloney, too. Turkey has a wide spectrum of political views, 
including extremists. They keep them in check the way most of the nations 
in the region deal with violent opposition. And there are no 
American-style democracies in the region, except for Israel. Turkey and 
the North African states (except for Libya) come fairly close. Egypt, 
Lebanon and Jordan are working on it, to the degree that violent 
opposition allows it to progress, but a free society is a religious 
bigot's worst nightmare. 

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