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RE: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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They're no money to export...Saudi is DEBTOR nation!

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Hey Bill,

First of all welcome back after long & conspicuous absence. Secondly, let me
clarify once again, Iam not a Saudi; infact iam a Pakistani expatriate
working in Saudi Arabia.

I don't know about the Saudi Government but at least my Country is now (like
on all other previous occasions) an ally to the US in fight against
terrorism; a front line state & a vanguard nation all over again. I know for
sure it is doing more than its capacity in this given situation.

About your question on money to the middle eastern countries; all I know is
money has never been a solution to any problem infact it encourages
corruption & thus becomes a part of the problem, instead. This is what is
needed to be stopped. US should stop funneling money in this region for its
overt & covert operations. Once it is done, in my opinion, half the job is

Let me reiterate once again, I personally am a great admirer of American
Nation; for its achievements & contributions in all walks of life. I don't
want to talk more on this as I know overdoing becomes distasteful.

Finally, I would beg you all to lets cut it out once for all & revert back
to  the academics & engineering that we all have been doing so well prior to
this Sept-11  ghastly terror attack.

Down with Terror (and Bin laden) & long live America, amen!!!!


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