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RE: Re[2]: Destruction of Kurram Village, Afghanistan

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I'm always amazed when people point at an ELECTED OFFICIAL who is a problem,
and try to make a connection between him and despotic dictators whose only
hold on power is the terror they inflict on the populace.

Yeah, Chavez sounds like a nut, all right. But the question isn't what WE,
the U.S., are going to so about it, Sr. Valerio. It is what YOU, a
Venezuelan voter, are going to do about it.

I notice that Israel, Pakistan and India, to name just three, are making
incessant demands that the U.S. solve their own problems, addressing some of
our "packages" to their own enemies. I notice also that Mr. Bush has been
firm in telling folks that we are about destroying terror as it threatens
all of us.

I hope you are clear that we are fighting for U.S. interests. "Evil" that
may seem to you, but I also can't help but notice that no other nation on
earth is considered "evil" for doing that very same thing.

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I have lived in Venezuela
for 20
years and I call tell you that you a big    problem fermenting right in
backyard. Search the Internet for a guy called Hugo Chavez (sort of

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