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America Under Attack

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GENTLEMAN Syed Faiz Ahmad,

I have been patiently reading your comments on the
subject topic.  I have come to the conclusion that you
are fake and a hypocrite, and that Pakistani bozo.
You advised someone on this list, that he should not
follow what the president says, but he should use his
own thinking and judgment.  Mr. Ahmad, let me explain
to you a bit.  This country is the greatest (ever)
because of its democratic principles, which include
independent thinking.  At a tragic time like this, we
are one people.  We are 100% behind our president. 
Are you trying to divide us?  You are out of your
Then, you stated your opinion on America bombing on
the innocent people.  You try telling this to the
relatives of the 6,000 people who lost their lives. 
They will tell you where to go, if not shoot
you right thru your eyes. America will not rest until
Ben Ladin and his associates and sympathizers are
And, what about the tons and tons of food, medicines,
etc. etc. that America is giving to the people there. 
What are the neighboring countries over there
providing?  Why are they not condemning what the
terrorists have done? The truth is, they hate America
and they also can not do without America - it is a
vicious circle they are in.  It is sickening to hear
that Bombing is cruel and it will kill innocent
And, you want to move quickly to Engineering topics,
after your preaching is over.  Why are you so
uncomfortable, that you want to move on?  We do not
need your services.
And, regarding your justification that women get equal
treatment - that is fake.
And, what about the Anthrax, biological warfare.  They
keep this up, and America has the "N" option on the
table.  In the end America will survive.  
Whoever these people are or represent, they have woken
up the giant.  They have done great damage to this
country and they will pay the ultimate price.

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