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Although I agree that its about time that we returned to the main reason for
this e-mail forum perhaps I could be allowed one final comment.
I agree with all sane society that the terrorist outrage on 11th September
was dreadful and my sympathies go out to all those who lost loved ones. I
cannot imagine how they have felt over the last few weeks, and never wish
to. However shocking that was it was an act that has woken the USA to the
types of terrorist attacks which have been all too familiar to many other
countries around the world. As an example for many years a great deal of
funding for the IRA, and other groups in Northern Ireland, has come from the
USA. Now that there is a clampdown on worldwide terrorism this funding has
started to dry up and the IRA have finally agreed to disarm, albeit
On a slightly different subject - democracy. Its about time people in the
USA realised that there are other democracies around the world. My daughter
worked for some time in Minneapolis and just recently a friend visited her
here in the UK. Some of his comments were truly astonishing and matched the
experiences I have had on my many trips to the USA. He was unaware the UK
was a democracy, thought the UK had been invaded, and occupied, by Germany
during WW2 and that the USA was totally responsible for the victory over
Germany in WW2!!! He also didn't know that we had horses in UK, where the
hell this came from I have no idea.

Michael Knight
Technical Support Manager
Lindapter International Bradford UK

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