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RE: Terrorism

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I've added some hot air....

See below.

Best regards,

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"He was unaware the UK was a democracy, thought the UK had been invaded, and
occupied, by Germany during WW2 and that the USA was totally responsible for
the victory over
Germany in WW2!!!"


If you watch the movie "Patton" you wouldn't know the UK had anything to do
with defeating Germany.
	Really??...what about all the scenes Monty and Patton were shown arriving
in liberated towns at nearly the same time?

 The problem with American public education history
is that it spends to much time focusing on unimportant trivia to try to not
	That's the same for any country...try reading the German or Japanese
version of WWII!

and to try to uplift peripheral events, groups and leaders.  The
only thing most kids know about world war II is what they see on TV or what
their grandfathers might have told them, and you know American media is
totally self-centered.

	That is certainly true.
Your remarks reminds me of the time we had a British college student, that
my mom met on a jet, stay with our family over Christmas.  My brother and I
stayed up drinking wine with this guy for most of the night.  When we got
drunk they started arguing about who won World War II.  They were using
nutcracker toy soldiers as figurines to demonstrate their points.

My brother put down  a little nutcracker and said this is England.  Then he
put down a big nutcracker facing it and said this is Germany.  Then he put a
bigger nutcracker between Germany and England and said this the United
States and then the both of them proceeded to fight with the nutcrackers.  I
will say that in the end the British guy convinced my brother with his
flying nutcracker that the British "spitfires?" did indeed win the Battle of

	The UK did hold off Hitler "single handedly" (with US Lend Lease support)
from the fall (surrender) of France to either:
	North Africa or Sicily (take your pick).
Most Americans are more interested in going home, playing video games,
watching sitcoms and drinking beer then reading a history book. Sorry about

	Sad, but true...I do make sure my kids listen to their ol' Granpa tell them
	The feats of Patton's Third Army (he was in the mechanized cavalry at the
time) at the Battle of the Bulge and beyond.
	(My humble way of keeping the next generation informed)


Scott M Haan P.E.
Plan Review Engineer
Building Safety Division
Development Services Department
Municipality of Anchorage

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