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Re: Terrorism/History Lessons

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Scott Haan wrote:

> America is a constitutional republic.

You are quite right.  In my effort to describe the origin of our
governmental system, I failed to disclose that after adoption of The
Constitution by a sufficient number of the member states, the terms
democratic Republic no longer fully described our system ---- which could be
described as a Constitutionally (limited) Democratic Republic.  In my post I
was thinking along the lines of Article IV, Section 4, which states, "The
United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form
of Government ...."

The point I was trying to emphasize was that democracy is 'majority rule',
whereas in our system power is expressed through elected representatives.
Likewise, we don't vote directly for a President.  We choose delegates from
within each state to represent the wishes of the inhabitants of that state
at the Electorial College. (i.e. Article II, Section 1)

IMO, among the most fascinating parts of early American history is the
arguements over what came to be known as the Bill of Rights.  Our neighbors
in New England felt very strongly that we ought to enumerate specific
limitations on the powers being granted to the 'national' government.
Others argued that to create such a list would run counter to their
assumption that NO powers others than those specifically provided for in the
Constitution shall be granted.  In other words, such a list would need to be
nearly infinite to meet its purpose.

And, perhaps the best trivia question on the topic is this:  The first two
proposals to the Bill of Rights did not survive the process to become
amendments to the Constitution.  What were they?

In the end it all worked out OK --- so much so that our friends in
"Stewart's Ice Box" later chose to join.

David Sharp

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