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RE: Terrorism - Patton versus Montgomery

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Both Patton and Montgomery had gigantic egos and both had fantastic 
leadership ability.  Montgomery's skills were demonstrated when he took over 
command of the British forces in North Africa and defeated Rommel's forces at 
El Alemain.

As two people with gigantic egos, both craved public recognition, possibly 
even adulation, and competed for it.

Both were great leaders in a time when we needed great leaders for our 
troops.  Patton was probably the most flamboyant wearing a brace of pearl 
handled revolvers, real revolvers (six-shooters), not the army issue .45 cal. 
automatic pistol.

The competition between the two was great, as it usually is between people 
with large egos.  The two challenged the diplomatic skills of the Supreme 
Allied Commander, General Dwight D. Eisenhower in keeping both placated, and 
frustrated General George Marshall, Patton's superior in trying to keep 
Patton's flamboyant behavior in check.  A point of interest:  peacetime 
military leaders seldom make good wartime leaders.  In peacetime, Eisenhower 
held the rank of Major for 14 years, while colleagues made Colonels and 

As was pointed out, allied forces landed at different beaches on the Normandy 
peninsula and were usually assigned different areas of the front.  However, 
actions of each country's forces was coordinated, or should have been.  
Sometimes, a country's forces was used politically, such as General Charles 
DeGaulle's Free French forces being the first allied troops to enter 
(liberate) Paris.

A. Roger Turk
Tucson, Arizona

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