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America Under Attack

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Mr. Ahmad,

We Americans share your concern about the affect these bombings have on the
civilians of Afghanistan, and our military is doing everything it can to
avoid them and to end this phase quickly. But remember this was brought
US; there is no other choice now. The current action is necessary, but I
that the first positive outcome is that soon it will allow us to be able to
gain and occupy some major territory and even cities so that the food
distribution process can be improved and better refuge provided for these
poor people.

Last night on the news was a story of an Afghan family describing being
awakened at night by the sound of food packets falling on the roof of their
house. These people have lived for so long under very harsh conditions and
have reason for bitterness and hatred, and yet I was very struck by the
articulate demeanor of the father (thru a translator), who was grateful for
the meager amount of food he got, and more so by the smiling faces of his
beautiful children as they were eagerly sucking the last bit of peanut
and other food from the plastic packages. (These aren't the bulging eyed
demonstrators decrying death to America).

My hope is that ultimately out of this action the lives of the real Afghan
people can be improved too. A key to this is the role that can be played by
moderate Muslim leaders here in the U.S. and abroad to educate and try to
reverse current teachings of hatred against people of other religions.
Moderate Muslims have been slient so far, and in doing so have not lived up
to their faith. Maybe it's naive to think that any of this history can
possibly change, but for the sake of us all, I hope it can.

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