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Re: Terrorism

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>On a slightly different subject - democracy. Its about time people in the
>USA realised that there are other democracies around the world. My daughter
>worked for some time in Minneapolis and just recently a friend visited her
>here in the UK. Some of his comments were truly astonishing and matched the
>experiences I have had on my many trips to the USA. He was unaware the UK
>was a democracy, thought the UK had been invaded, and occupied, by Germany
>during WW2 and that the USA was totally responsible for the victory over
>Germany in WW2!!! He also didn't know that we had horses in UK, where the
>hell this came from I have no idea.
Brits shouldn't take it personally. The person was probably just as 
ignorant about US history and geography. Jay Leno runs a segment on his 
late night talk show with some brief question and answer shots of people 
on the street (literally) some of the ignorance about who fought in the 
civil war, where Viet Nam is, what's the capital of the US are 
unbelievable. Makes all the historical clangers on this list (and in this 
thread) seem almost insignificant except the onles on this list come from 
college grads. 

Most people in the US (probably a lot on this list) don't realize how big 
a sacrifice the Brits and the rest of the allies made in WWII. Until 1944 
there were more British troops in action than Americans. The Russians 
lost 25 million dead while we lost about 300,000. In fact the Russians 
lost twice as meany lives in the siege of Leningrad alone. Here's an 
interesting tabulation (the columns match with monospaced text)--
Country         Military            Civilian             Total
Soviet Union*  8,668,000           16,900,000         25,568,000
China          1,324,000           10,000,000         11,324,000
Germany        3,250,000            3,810,000          7,060,000
Poland           850,000            6,000,000          6,850,000
Japan          1,506,000              300,000          1,806,000
Yugoslavia       300,000            1,400,000          1,700,000
Rumania*         520,000              465,000            985,000
France*          340,000              470,000            810,000
Hungary*                                                 750,000
Austria          380,000              145,000            525,000
Greece*                                                  520,000
Italy            330,000               80,000            410,000
Czechoslovakia                                           400,000
Great Britain    326,000               62,000            388,000
USA              295,000                                 295,000

Which is not to discount what the US did, just to point out that our 
infernal ignorance of what everyone else did is so outrageous that it's 
no wonder some think we do it on purpose. 

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