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Re: Need suggestions on how to make fellow professionals design sensibly

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I worked as a Structural Engineer in Central Water
Commission, New Delhi before migrating to the USA in
1988. I can fully understand the conditions you have
described. Here are my thoughts.

In order to have proper engineering undertaken, mere
existence of a city or state rules for design will not
serve any purpose. Political corruption will continue
to trespass such rules.  Somehow a mechanism has to be
created that will enable checking of all engineering
calcs (definitely the design premise) by competant
structural engineer(s).

The services of a competant structural should not be
expected to be available at a low cost. Also,
application of proper wind/seismic loads on the
structure is likely to increase the cost of the

Conscientious individuals like you should come
together and educate (through media articles,
presentations in technical gatherings, conferences
etc.,for example)the public about the weaknesses in
current design practice. The public should be
convinced that they should expect to pay some higher
price for safer designs. After gaining sufficient
public support, get a group of competant structural
engineers to be set up under the local laws. This
group should be bestowed with enforcement powers but
must be autonomous. Setting up of such a group within
the local government would defeat the purpose for
obviuos reasons. The funding for the group must be
worked out. Perhaps, part of the funding can come from
the government system and the remaining coming from
project costs.

The key is to mobilize public opinion. It is not easy
in Indian conditions, but may not be impossible.


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