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RE: terrorism, education and who has the biggest gun.

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Sorry, Christopher, though I can believe that the Soviet and Chinese losses
were staggering, I don't believe the statistics, mainly because of their
source. Joe Stalin hid many of his own personal genocides in his numbers.
The same undoubtedly goes for the Maoists, who though they weren't yet in
power, did get to "close the books," so to speak.

Think about how ludicrous just the USSR numbers are for example. You had
relentless bombing of London and other English cities, for example. Yet
their civilian numbers aren't anywhere NEAR that for the USSR. No, you'll
probably find that the Soviet "citizenry" died as a result of their own
governments' actions, than enemy action.

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> Most people in the US (probably a lot on this list) don't realize how big
> a sacrifice the Brits and the rest of the allies made in WWII.

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