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Re: Public Education (was RE: Terrorism)

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Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 10:05 AM
Subject: Public Education (was RE: Terrorism)

> I disagree strongly with blanket statements like this. While there is much
> to criticize about the state of public education in the U.S. at this time,
> there is a LOT more to admire.

>> Unfortunately, this young man was the product of our public education
>> system.  IMHO, the state of public education in America is a much greater
>> threat to our long term security than scum like ObL.

Bill, please reread my comment (above).  There is a lot to be said for the
American public education system, but I believe it is in trouble (for all of
the reasons you state & more).  That is my point exactly!  I guess it might
have been more clear had I said the "current" state, but that
notwithstanding I stand by my observation.  It is a good system, but control
must be returned to the parents & taken back from the NEA.  As you pointed
out, I believe the answer is in getting back to basics, and letting the
schools return to being places of learning and stop being the answer to
every perceived social ill.

I know that our public education system can, with the support & input from
the parents, produce great results.  My two sons are examples.  They were
straight A students in HS & went on to graduate with "Latin" on their
diplomas from prestigious universities (something their father was not able
to accomplish).  My point is that we need to apply the same united spirit &
effort that we are seeing today in the response to the tragic events of
September 11 to what I see as an even bigger threat to this nations
long-term security.  BTW, I don't see voting with our feet, and all moving
to Texas, as the answer.

Scott ~(:-)

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