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RE: terrorism, education and who has the biggest gun.

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>No, you'll
>probably find that the Soviet "citizenry" died as a result of their own
>governments' actions, than enemy action.
Do yourself a favor, Bill, and try doing some research on your own. Even 
Stalin's figure for the dead at Leningrad alone is 264,000. The real 
figure is over a million. The Russians lost 300,000 prisoners to the 
Germans at Kursk. The men (and women--the Russians had women combat 
units) that the Germans didn't kill were killed by Stalin after the war. 

The figures came from the following sources--
(1). Alan Bullock - Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives pp987  
(2). The Times Atlas of the Second World War pp 204,205  
(3). Richard Overy - Russia's War pp288  
The highest estimate for each country was selected during compilation - 
in the case of ref.3 the figures for military deaths are given as recent 
official figures and the civilian deaths are those estimated from a 1996 
study by B V Sokolov - although the author points out that an accurate 
figure is difficult to calculate. 

No one's disputing Stalin's role in all that, and the incredible 
incompetence of the Russian generals in the beginning or their 
willingness to sacrifice lives after the incompetents were shot. That's 
not the point. The point is the Russians suffered nearly 100 times our 
number of dead. If you have research that contradicts that, let's hear it 
(Drudge Report and Limbaugh don't count as research--hearsay at best, and 
made up at worst...) And if you have other figures for the Chinese dead 
to support a point, let's hear them. And let's hear the point, too.

You could do yourself another favor and touch on the original point which 
was that too many Americans haven't a clue who did most of the dying in 
that war. But maybe that's already been made.

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