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RE: terrorism, education and who has the biggest gun.

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I guess we're saying the same things in a different way. The Communist
system sees human beings as just another "resource" (in this case, cannon
fodder). Solzhenitsyn's book "The Gulag Archipelago" is a source you didn't
quote, and it has a great deal of information on the war that Stalin waged,
through NKVD and SMERSH, against his own soldiers.

I agree with you that Americans typically don't know this. But our version
of the war was fought very differently from theirs. It was generally agreed
that the American military was the best-equipped, best fed and clothed of
all the participants. Only the British came close (and they were undoubtedly
better trained).

"An army travels on its stomach," I believe is the quote attributed to
Napoleon. That has ever been true, and it is the secret of the U.S.'s
success in its major military undertakings.

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You could do yourself another favor and touch on the original point which
was that too many Americans haven't a clue who did most of the dying in
that war. But maybe that's already been made.

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