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RE: America Under Attack

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They have spoken out but they haven't gotten much press. I'm not sure what
people expect. Where were the "fundamentalist" Christian representatives
speaking out against the Branch Davidians? Most of what I heard was
apologists for them, putting ALL the blame for what happened at Waco on the
Government. While I think the Clinton administration and Janet Reno were
very much to blame for the loss of life the fact is that the Branch
Davidians and especially their leader David Koresh were a pretty scarey

And what about Mr. McVeigh? Where were the "ultra-conservatives" speaking
out against him and the "militia" movement.

Interestingly, once again all the blame was on the U.S. government from the
ultra-right. They disavowed McVeigh's participation in the Michigan militia
movement, for example, claiming "he never was involved in it." Or they say
the Murrah building was a special operation by the CIA, or that Iraq was
responsible for it.

I guess it depends on whose ox is being gored.

I believe all Americans should step up and be counted for America and
against America's enemies, but that includes FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC enemies.
If the Anthrax scare does indeed get traced back to some extreme-right
crackpots, watch for more excuses. BTW, I'm not talking about "staunch
conservatives" of which I am one. I'm talking about the folks who are so
extreme they consider George W. Bush to be a pinko.

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James Fulton wrote:

> Moderate Muslims have been slient so far, and in doing so have not lived
> to their faith. Maybe it's naive to think that any of this history can
> possibly change, but for the sake of us all, I hope it can.

I think this is an important issue and one I have been thinking about for
some time.

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