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RE: Sheet Piles

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You may start to have a look into ' Seismic Guidelines for Ports ', from ASCE ( 1998 )
It contains information compiled from observed performance of ports during
past earthquakes. Much of case studies, and regarding sheet-piles, it provides
general guidelines, and it is recomending references to recent works ( 1993, 1996 ).
Also you'll see there, some guidelines for retrofits. 
If you are facing a 40+ year old sheet piling, you should assess the extent of corrossion
and include the existing properties of the wall ( reduced moduli,etc. ) in your analysis.
Good luck !
Raul Labbé    
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Asunto: Sheet Piles

I am almost positive that I have seen a thread regarding earthquake loads on soil retaining structures, but:
1) I can't seem to get the posts by searching the archives
2) I am particularly interested in sheet piles
We are currently looking at some 40+ year old sheet piles with wales and tie backs at a Navy wharf, and are using DM7.2 as the basis for the analysis.  I am interested in some good recent references regarding the behavior of the retained soil under dynamic loads, and especially in the loads that would be appropriate for the analysis of such animals.
Right now I have a list of references, but they are all circa 1970 or before - NOT saying that they aren't sound, but I want to cover all the bases.  Anyone have any ideas?
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