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Re: Split Wood Columns

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Half inch splits/checks on round columns is not unusual.  I have seen 3/4 
inch checks on 8-inch diameter round columns and when I calculated the 
tangential shrinkage that would occur in drying from 19 percent moisture 
content to 6 percent moisture content, it came out close to 3/4 inch.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Daryl Richardson wrote:

. > To engineers in Northwest Washington,

. >         I have recently returned from a very enjoyable bus tour in your 
. > part of the world.  One of my stops was at Sun Mountain Lodge, near 
. > Winthrop, Washington.

. >         The owners of the lodge have need of a qualified structural 
. > engineer to inspect and oversee repairs to the structure of their 
. > facility. Specifically, the main building features round timber columns 
. > which are something like 14 inches in diameter.  Many of these columns 
. > are badly split. In some cases splits as wide as half an inch are 
. > actually coincident with the bolts at the connections.

. >         I informed the acting supervisor that, as a structural engineer, 
. > I was concerned about the structural integrity of these columns; that they
. > should be repaired as soon as practical; and that they should get a
. > structural engineer who is registered in Washington to oversee the
. > repairs.

. >         I trust that someone on the list will be able to contact the
. > appropriate people directly take it from here.

. >         Good luck.

. >                                 Regards,

. >                                 H. Daryl Richards

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