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Re: 1/3 increase

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pls. ignore my item 3 in prevous post....

--- Jim Harris <jrharris(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> I realize that I may be denounced as insane or one
> of those damn code writing people (I am not, well
> not a code writing person anyway),  but it has
> always been my understanding that the 1/3 increase
> was to take into account that full design live loads
> would not be present during a design wind or seismic
> event.  Thus the 1/3 increase is not allowed for
> items that only receive these transient loads.  I
> realize that this is not what the code says but it
> is my understanding on the origination of the 1/3
> increase
> As for the Simpson connectors I wouldn't use a 1/3
> increase in any wood connection because all Simpson
> hardware's rated values come from COMMON nails not
> the box nail used on every job site.  When was the
> last time anybody saw common nails being used? 
> Don Carroll

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