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Bolt testing

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The AISC prescribes four methods for installing slip-critical connections,
however each of these requires calibration using a device capable of
directly indicating the bolt tension.  The Wilhelm-Skidmore device is
the only device I am aware of that has this capability.  We are using
3/4" diameter bolts on this particular job and the testing agency for
the job tells us that the bolts are too short for the machine.  These are
standard 1-3/4" long A325 bolts.  Their machine apparently only tests
bolts that are at least 2-3/4" long (standard 1" dia. bolt length).  My 
questions are: 1)  Is the Wilhelm-Skidmore device the only one available
for this type of test? 2) Do they come in different sizes to accommodate
different bolt lengths?  
Thanks in advance.

Mark Pemberton, P.E.
Sacramento, CA

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