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Re: Future Structural Engineer

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My GPA (not counting a short stint at McNeese State University) was 2.52.

SOOOOO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seven years experience as a structural engineer with licenses in both
California and Arkansas.  I've worked on buildings from tiny wood-frame offices
to multi-story hospitals.  I had a little trouble getting a job when I first
graduated, but stumbled into Arkansas when a my first employer FLEW ME INTO
TOWN for an interview.  Be prepared to take a small hit on your first salary,
but you'll make it up in a few years (mine is $2000 short of double what I
started, I have an office with a view and a door that closes, but I started
with a fold-out chair).

Above all, don't give anybody time to end a "hiring freeze".  Go to work for
the first good offer you get.  Don't be afraid to change employers after a
couple years if your current employer is not compensating you sufficiently.  If
at all possible, do work you like, and you will excel.  Don't take a job with a
"transition" phase: there's no guarantee you'll "transition".  Ask lots of
questions in all your interviews, and reveal everything you can about yourself;
if you're hired, you know they want you despite your "flaws".  Insist on
meeting everyone you will work with, right down to the administrative staff;
personal conflicts later will suck (personal experience).

-Keith Fix, PE (who'll be lucky if he's admitted to graduate school in this
climate of 4.0 or bust).

PS- Please send me your contact info.  We're not hiring right now, but I have
no qualms about stealing you later.  And hang in there; most engineers are
dumber than their GPA's make them appear.

--- Phillip Rogers <perogers(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> Any advice, for this longwinded message. 
> Thanks
> Phil Rogers, EI    

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