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RE: Future Structural Engineer

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Be sure to ask questions of your prospective employer.  

Most people are going to ask up front about salary, benefits,
etc., but ask about the kind of work they do, and the kind
of work you'll be doing.  Try to gauge if the job is a good
fit for you.

One of the most revealing questions YOU can ask at any job
interview is:

"What is the biggest weakness of this job?"

The answer you get should be pretty revealing.  If you don't
get an answer, I'd move on.  Any employer who doesn't honestly
answer questions during an interview probably isn't seriously
looking for candidates.

Another point to think about is what kind of Structural Engineering
do you want to do, or rather, are you opposed to doing more specific
types of structural engineering?  If you look in enough papers,
you'll notice that there are some jobs that are advertised such as oil
platforms, hospitals, power generation, and of course bridges, that
fall a bit outside of the "normal scope" of structural engineering.
You'll have to do a bit of digging to come across them, but they
are jobs that need to be filled by qualified people.

Good Luck!

Jonathan Mallard

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