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RE: Future Structural Engineer

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Title: RE: Future Structural Engineer
Those are MY coordinates, Bill Polhemus is about 250 miles to the southeast.  I posted them for the benefit of our suddenly silent friend in Pakistan, Syed A. Masroor.  Since I had requested his coordinates, I thought that it was only fair to provide mine.  Remember that popular adolescent game:  "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours"?  Perhaps, if everyone posted their coordinates, the world (or at least this listserv) would be a kinder and gentler place!
Ironically, I looked up my coordinates at: 
Best regards,
Stan Caldwell ... serenely watching the night sky

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Subject: RE: Future Structural Engineer

Stan:  Are those your Lat. & Long. or Bill Polhemus'   :)
George Richards, P. E.
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Subject: RE: Future Structural Engineer

....... Good luck!

Stan Caldwell, P.E.
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Longitude:  -96.787534