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Grade beams and piles

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I have a existing foundation system that was a pile and grade beam with
irregular grid system. 1960's vintage. Demolition consisted of removing tops
of pedestals. The foundation system supported heavy equipment structures in
a local refinery. I am looking for do's and don'ts on encapsulating the grid
with about 9" of concrete above and below the existing grade beam surfaces
and reinforce heavily. We are at about a 30' x 50' footprint. My concerns
are with the difference in shrinkage and what to assume. Should I look at
the cap as a monolith and take credit for the existing grade beams or look
at it as some sort of new grid, old grid and dowel into old? The new loads
are lighter than old but nothing lines up column or cg wise. I am thinking
just rough up the surfaces and use a bonding agent to glue it all together.
Bottom of beams will be a bear. Need some really short or folding persons
for that I guess.
Thanks for opinions. 

Robert M. Hanson, S.E.
Kappa Engineers
Carson, CA.

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