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Lag Screw Questions

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I have several questions with regard to lag screws that I hope you can help 
me with.

1. 1997 NDS Appendix L, Footnote 1, refers to "intermediate length" lag 
screws.  Is there a "short length" and/or a "long length" and what lengths do 
these each encompass?

2. What would the thread lengths, T, be for the "short length" and/or "long 
length" lag screws?

3. Without considering commercial availability, is there a maximum permitted 
length for a lag screw?

4. 1997 NDS Table 9.2A gives withdrawal values per inch of, "thread 
penetration into side grain of main member."  Does "penetration" refer to the 
length the lag screw is embedded into the main member, less tip length, or 
does "penetration" refer to only the threaded length, T (6" or less for 
"intermediate length" lag screws in Appendix L)?


A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

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