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FW: ASCE 7-95 & 7-98 Questions

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From: James Wiita [mailto:jwiita(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, October 26, 2001 8:50 AM
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Subject: ASCE 7-95 & 7-98 Questions

Hi James,
I've got a question.  I'm working on a project that calls out that the 
glazing/curtainwall design must be designed with ASCE 7.  I can't seem to 
find a reference to the '97 UBC or the 2000 IBC since I often don't get the 
whole enchilada when I'm a sub to a sub.  Anyway, I have some wind software 
that is the most current revision but it only uses ASCE 7-95.  I was 
looking thru ASCE 7-98 and found that there are differences in the exposure 
category in relation to wall components and cladding.  It seems, from 
reading the 7-98 commentary that 7-95 said that one should probably use 
exp. C even if a a building is in A or B.  Then it goes on to say that if 
you use this exp C when the building is in a lower category then you should 
reduce the loads by 15%.  The 7-98 commentary then goes on and says that 
the 7-98 code addresses this issue and modifies exposure factors so you use 
the exp category that the building is in.
OK, here's are the questions:
1)  Does it make a significant difference if I use 7-95 AND...
2) If I do use 7-95, I'm planning on using exp C.  Should I use the 15% 
3)  If using 7-95 is not quite kosher than maybe using 7-95 at exp C 
without the 15% reduction would be conservative enough to offset the use of 
One of the main reasons I'm asking these questions is that I would really 
like to use the 7-95 software.  I like to do individual wind load calcs at 
all wall conditions that I'm designing.  If I have to do this by hand the 
contractor will have a heart-attack when I give him my bill.
I hope you can help me out.

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