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RE: Factor of safety against uplift

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From: Sherman, William

A couple of people have suggested safety factors based on design load
factors. If these are ultimate strength design load factors, I would not
think that they apply to this situation, as uplift safety factors should be
based on service loads.

Why not? Surely it is just as appropriate to use the applicable ultimate
strength factors as it is to use the applicable working load design factors.

The references previously quoted were from Canada (my location) and Europe.
One could also refer to the IBC 2000:

1605.2.1 - Strength/LRF design, formula 16-6:
		0.9D + (1.0E or 1.6W)	FOS	1.778

1605.3.1 - Allowable/working design, formula 16-11:
		0.6D + W			FOS	1.667

For comparison, the Canadian Code says:
		0.85D + 1.5W		FOS	1.765

and Europe:
		0.9D+ 1.5W			FOS	1.667

Peter James

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