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Re: Hardy Panels

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My understanding of the Strongwall, is that since its performance under
testing has demonstrated good drift characteristics, the ICBO allows the
product to exceed the allowable shear wall aspect ratio.  I believe the
whole point of limiting the aspect ratio is, in effect controlling drift in
light of the limited test data available for slender shear panels.  It seems
that Simpson recongnized this and some what centered their product testing
around this issue.  I am not familiar with the Hardy product.

Just for the record what was the aspect ratio of the in situation you

Keith De Lapp

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Subject: Hardy Panels

> A contractor recently told me of a Hardy Panel/Frame horror story where he
> was forced to remove a raised floor installation of a hardy frame to a
> strongwall raised floor installation. The reason he was told to remove
> was related to drift.
> Simpson has no ICBO approval for this application while Hardy does. I
> informed him of this and he knew what I was talking about and he stated he
> presented the ICBO report and was stilled forced to remove the Hardy's.
> Anyone else come across this? Also, I don't see how drift could be a
> if one is designing using simplified base shear. This came up when he was
> bidding a job I worked on that called for raised floor Hardy Panels and he
> was concerned about getting screwed.
> thanks,
> -Gerard
> Gerard Madden, PE
> Design Group Manager

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