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Re: Hardy Panels

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The simpson web site says they got approval for the 2 story frames on Oct. 1 and
then allows you to request a copy of a  "preliminary letter" they got from ICBO
that up dates the ES report. But if you go to the ICBO web site the only ES they
have on file so far is the 1999 report--only one story panels.

I'm going to one of simpson's workshops next week and maybe I can get a clearer
idea of the actual status. (Simpson's rep may have successfully whispered in
someone's ear. Local building officials can sometimes make capricious decisions
since they have no liability for what they do.)

Chuck Utzman, P.E.

Gerard Madden wrote:

> Keith,
> I don't remember exactly what size the hardy frames were that had to get
> removed, they we on a job another engineering firm designed and this
> contractor had to remove them, he was questioning me when he saw them on a
> job I designed.
> I have no problem whatsoever with the claims made by simpson on the
> performance of the strongwall. My beef is that I cannot use the strongwall
> for a raised floor application because there is no ICBO approval-only
> directly bolted to a foundation. I was concerned because Hardy has ICBO
> approval for this -then this contractor told me bay area building department
> made him switch out to a non-approved panels. He (the contractor) sugggested
> that a simpson rep is whispering in the ears of inspectors.
> -gerard

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