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We sometimes do equipment anchorage calcs for hospital equipment
manufacturer for submittal to CA state OSHPD. The anchorage was governed by
CA code 1630B, based on '94 code values. I've just found out that they are
adopting sec. 1632 of "97 code in Jan. 
The equip. can go anywhere in CA so i can only assume all worse case values.
What was Fp=.45Wp will go to Fp=3.3Wp !! 
For OSHPD the Fvert. =1/3 Fp so now the vertical component alone is greater
than the weight of the equipment !!

Is there any relief in sight ? Throw away the wedge anchors and only use

Related to this, does anyone know about shake table testing for equipment
per ICBO AC156 ?
Who does it, what's it cost, what do they give you etc. ? (will it prove Ap
less than 2.5)

Matt Jordan S.E.

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