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Concrete on Asphalt

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The Situation:  A concrete containment wall (for secondary containment - so the design load will occur only after the primary containment system has failed) needs to pass perpendicularly through an existing 7'-0" wide pipe rack with multiple pipes.  The pipes cannot be relocated.  The area has approximately 11" of asphalt paving over a limerock base.
For everywhere else, a standard cantilever retaining wall with a footing will be used, but it is not feasible to try to remove the asphalt and construct a footing beneath the piping.  Instead, I am considering using a gravity type wall approximately 3' thick and 4' high.  The wall will sit directly on top of the asphalt - no footing.  The pipes will be protected by wrappings and sealers, so that is not an issue.
The Question:  What kind of coefficient of friction can be assumed between the concrete and the asphalt?  I can size a section of wall on each side of the pipe rack to handle the total sliding forces and ignore the concrete/asphalt contribution, but that seems unnecessarily conservative.
Any thoughts?
M. David Finley, P.E.
Lake City, FL  32025