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RE: Need help with cable-stayed bridges

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To address the actual question:

Jose, there are two main points to remember when modeling a cable stayed
Inclined cables exhibit non-linear force-displacement behavior.  Luckily,
you can use an "effective" modulus to account for this.  One equation
useful for initial design work is
Ei=effective modulus
Ee=modulus of elasticity of cable matr'l
g=density of the cable
l=horizontal span of cable
sigma=stress in cable
You must prestress the cables to their dead load state, otherwise the
bridge will be in the water by the time the cables start taking load.  In
SAP you can do this by specifying temperature changes.

Buena Suerte!

Thomas P. Murphy, Ph.D., P.E.
Harrisburg, PA

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  Subject: Need help with cable-stayed bridges

  Hello friends,

  I'm designing a double-harped cable-stayed bridge and I've looking for
some concerning que structural analysis and the way to model it in
as well as the details I need to draw on the plans. Can anybody help me
this information ? I'd apprecciate it a lot.

  Best Regards

  Jos Velsquez

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