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RE: Concrete on Asphalt

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can you socket the wall into the asphalt?  11" embedment would seem like enough to preclude sliding failure and for that depth it should be possible to hand dig although maybe not all the way across?  Is it possible that the asphalt could be chemically softened so that it could be removed without the use of power tools.
Nick Blackburn, PE
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Subject: Concrete on Asphalt

The Situation:  A concrete containment wall (for secondary containment - so the design load will occur only after the primary containment system has failed) needs to pass perpendicularly through an existing 7'-0" wide pipe rack with multiple pipes.  The pipes cannot be relocated.  The area has approximately 11" of asphalt paving over a limerock base.
For everywhere else, a standard cantilever retaining wall with a footing will be used, but it is not feasible to try to remove the asphalt and construct a footing beneath the piping.  Instead, I am considering using a gravity type wall approximately 3' thick and 4' high.  The wall will sit directly on top of the asphalt - no footing.  The pipes will be protected by wrappings and sealers, so that is not an issue.
The Question:  What kind of coefficient of friction can be assumed between the concrete and the asphalt?  I can size a section of wall on each side of the pipe rack to handle the total sliding forces and ignore the concrete/asphalt contribution, but that seems unnecessarily conservative.
Any thoughts?
M. David Finley, P.E.
Lake City, FL  32025