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RE: Anyone Get Their New AISC Manual?

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Title: RE: Anyone Get Their New AISC Manual?
The thumb cuts have always been complimentary to the AISC Steel Construction Manual.
The initial complimentary blue copy I received in 1959  Fifth Edition had 40 thumb cuts.
However, how much time and cost savings to the production and we the public is there with the elimination of the thumbcuts?
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Subject: RE: Anyone Get Their New AISC Manual?

>I had ordered the new Third Edition
>AISC "Manual of Steel Construction" a
>few weeks back, and I was wondering if
>anyone else has received it? I know
>it was just published and I'm wondering
>if perhaps they were inundated with
>orders. At least it seems like-in this
>day of "instant fulfillment"-it is
>taking awhile to show up.

The ink is dry. The binding is glued. The last of the thumb cuts are being cut. They'll ship to our warehouse this week and be shipped out to you just as soon as they can tear open the big boxes and find a smaller one to stuff them in.

Incidentally, we at AISC wonder if those of you out there using the Manual find the thumb cuts useful for finding the respective sections in the Manual. Should we continue to use them on future Manuals?