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RE: Off Topic - TIFF files

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Can you email the tiff file to your blueprinter and have them do the grunt work for you?
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Subject: Off Topic - TIFF files

We seem to be getting more and more tiff files from our clients for upgrade/remodel type projects.   We ask for existing drawings for the existing buildings and lately we keep getting only electronic TIFF files and to get real "to scale" hard copy of the blueprints has been a headache, especially from most of the local school districts.   If this is how the industry is going, what are the recommended TIFF viewers out there?    We can bring these TIFF files into AutoCAD and scale them to a reference line and then plot a hard copy but that is time consuming, especially when we find that there wasn't much useful information on the sheet.   We can also view these with the Windows Kodak viewer.   However, we want something that we can look at quickly (like the Kodak viewer) but also zoom a window and print just the window.   Printing to scale is probably asking too much.
What are others using for TIFF files?
Peder Golberg
Portland, OR