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Program on Structural Failures

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Are we missing something in the design of structures?  
Tacoma Narrows Bridge . . . Hartford Civic Center 
Coliseum . . . Kansas City Hyatt . . . L?Ambience Plaza . 
. . Citicorp Plaza . . . Northridge Earthquake . . . Four 
Times Square Scaffold . . . World Trade Center.

The National Council of Structural Engineers Associations 
(NCSEA)is presenting the annual Structural Engineering 
Winter Institute from January 20 through January 23, 2002 
at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel & Conference Center in 
Tempe (Phoenix), Arizona.  The Winter Institute is an 
educational program focusing on a different theme each 
year, and this year?s topic is ?Learning From Our 
Mistakes: Failures, Forensics, Ethics and Risk.?

The complete program is available on the NCSEA website 

Registration and travel information is at:

The program will feature presentations by renown 
structural investigators including Glenn Bell, Rob 
Shepherd, John Osteraas, David Peraza, Robert Ratay, 
Manny Velivasakis and Kimball Beasley discussing topics 
such as major catastrophes and little failures, facades 
and cladding, temporary structures, lift-slab 
construction, and human factors.  Paul Lurie and Howard 
Ashcraft will address the legal aspects of failures, 
standard of care for engineers, and how to survive in an 
 electronic age.  Vivian Weil, Director of the IIT Center 
for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, will present 
ideas on the practical aspects of ethics in structural  
engineering.  Mike Gorman, President of the Structural 
Engineers Risk Management Council, will share insight 
from insurance and risk perspective.    

James Chiles, author of Inviting Disaster: Lessons from 
the Edge of Technology (HarperBusiness), will speak 
Sunday evening about how technology can fail when there 
isn?t enough attention to the minor details.  After 
dinner Tuesday evening, Jack Gillum will give his 
thoughts on structural failure from a personal 
perspective, drawing on his experience as the structural 
engineer of record for the Kansas City Hyatt.    

Just added to the program is a special presentation by 
Ron Hamburger on the structural assessment of terrorism 
in the United States.  He will present some observations 
from the team investigating the World Trade Center.    

There will be a total of twenty (20) contact hours of 
continuing education credit.    

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