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RE: Corporate 'Certificate of Authorization' (was Re: CaliforniaLicensing Fees)

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> -----Original Message-----
> From: Daryl Richardson
> Nels,
> 	We also have requirements for COMPANIES practicing
> engineering to have
> certificates of authorization in several provinces.  In our case it is
> THE COMPANY that requires the certificate; individuals can still
> practice engineering as proprietors; they just can't incorporate.
> 	The reason (I think) is to prevent companies forming where one
> "employee" (say an electrical engineer) stamps all work for the company
> including structural, geotechnical, etc.
> 	Alberta and Saskatchewan have such requirements; B.C. does not.
>   	Don't cancel your membership too quickly.
> 				Regards,
> 				H. Daryl Richardson

Inevitably it's different in Ontario - the test here is the question of
offering services to the public, described at:

So here it explicitly applies to sole proprietors - and I wouldn't be
surprised if there are other differences between jurisdictions.

If it's "just a business licence" as suggested in a previous posting, would
it be applicable to out-of-state businesses, with no place of business in
that state?

Peter James

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