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PDH online continuing education news

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Received the the following PDH online continuing education newsletter in the email, and thought it might be of interest to those of you who need PDH credits to renew your license.
************************************************     PDHonline Newsletter No. 3

PDHonline News
1. - An Approved Continuing Education Provider
2. Website Relaunch
3. New PDHonline Courses

1. - An Approved Continuing Education Provider
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ has become an Approved Sponsor (Provider) of
Continuing Professional Competency (CPC or CPD) activities for Professional Engineers and Surveyors in the following states:

North Carolina is also in the process of obtaining Approved Sponsor status in the states of Florida and Arkansas. Designation as an Approved Sponsor indicates recognition by the Board of the online courses offered by as meeting the required standards. In North Carolina and Louisiana, engineers are not required to take courses from Approved Sponsors, but if they do, they are assured that their PDH credits will be accepted by the Board.

2. Website Relaunch
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ is pleased to announce the successful relaunch of

Besides the enhanced technical resource directory, the relaunched PDHonline website includes some of the most sought-after continuing education course topics for engineers and architects. To meet huge demand for online continuing education, is expanding the online course offering from civil engineering to the areas of architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering.

To better serve the licensed professionals, the new website design also offers personalized Internet service to its users. 

To explore all the new features on, please visit at your convenience.

3. New PDHonline Courses

The following new online courses have been added to PDHonline
Course Library:

A. G114: Board's Rules for Practicing Engineering
B. G115: Board's Rules for Practicing Land Surveying
C. G116: What Do Engineers & Architects Need to Know about New OSHA Safety Standards for Steel Erection? 

D. S120: Metal Building Systems
E. S121: Leaner Columns
F: S123: Fabricator's Economic Perspective on Steel Bridges
G. G109: Practical Dynamic Analysis and Design for Engineers and Architects
H. G111: Trench and Excavation Support Options and Excavation Slope Design

I. G112: Practical Excavation and Trench Temporary Shoring Design and Construction
J. G113: Design Loads and Construction of Tremie Sealed Cofferdams
For more course information, visit


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