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Ben Yousefi Wrote:

> No, it's the maximum possible moment that can be exerted to the frame by
> components of the lateral load path that deliver the force to the frame.
> example if the moment due to the strength of the diaphragm delivering the
> load to the frame, is smaller than the Mu, then that would be the
> design force. This language is scattered throughout the code on several
> issues such as the beams supporting discontinuous shear walls and the
> connections. It's annoying language, which I personally wish would be
> stricken out of the code. It causes confusion and ends up wasting a lot of
> our time in the plan review arguing with designers about what the true
> strength of elements delivering the forces is.

Could not agree more.  Try working with all the vague "code" provisions and
every single building departments different interpretations of them from the
design end.  Talk about wasted time.  Engineering is an art and science.
Things do not always fit precisely into often conflicting text book type
code provisions.

Look at the current "washer requirements" discussion for a classic example.
The need for plate washers was developed as an intuitive reaction to an
observed problem, yet some cities (LA) cannot even accept this simple
provision without spending countless time and effort (and tax dollars)
deciding that the washers need to be a 1/16" thicker or an 1/8" wider.  I
would be really curious to see the justification for all these little
changes, combined with a reality check regarding the global concept of what
is trying to be achieved.

Paul Feather

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