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Re: IBC 2305.3.10 2x2x3/16 plate washers

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The CUREE info is interesting and some of the first real quantifiable
testing I personally have heard about.  My first questions are how did the
tests compare to the current rated wall capacities?  Will this improvement
provide higher allowable shear wall design values or are the current
provisions with the 2" plate washers unconservative?

> As far as sole vs sill plates, CUREE seems to be silent in this respect.
> wouldn't it make sense to use plate washers on any sole plates that are
> associated with shear walls that are likely to experience net uplift at
> sole plate? CUREE may not have published test results that address this
> aspect just yet.

This assumes that there are bolts to put washers on.  The majority of shear
walls (with the exception of large commercial applications) are 6 and 4 inch
edge nail conditions that are nailed at the upper levels, not bolted.  If it
is a 2" edge nail condition on an upper level of a wood framed structure
(three stories or less) the better solution would be for the engineer to
look at picking up another wall.

Paul Feather

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